23 June 2009

Ciga-Rhett's Favorite Photos From the Hamptons

So, like the title of this post says, these are my 4 favorite pictures from The Hamptons. Two of them were taken by Kirill. Visit his photo site www.kirillwashere.com. And two were taken by the wonderful Sammi. Alex's creation of a paper plate with our name on it was genius, and I want to congratulate Zach and Evan for pulling off the photo we dreamed of taking. I'm not going to lie, us with Aoki was fucking fun. Really fucking fun. If a stenographer was hired to transcribe our words for the night, I guarantee "I love you man" was said more times than any other phrase. 
Finally, Gabby was our angel under the dj booth who fed us both wine and cigarettes for the duration of the night. As for Sammi, both of us offered to quit smoking for her, if she would agree to a three-way marriage. Is Sammi The Chainsmokers' Kryptonite? Or, does she have the possibility to be The Chainsmokers' Yoko Ono? Only time will tell. As for DJ Mel DeBarge, I am currently making my own playlist on my computer so you can hop on and rock out anytime I'm djing and you are in the same room. Your set was short, but I think my head was going to explode. Any time a night is closed out with "I'm a bitch," I think of it as a success.



A Takeover

Hello Everyone:

We're not going to lie, A Coterie has turned out to be a disappointment. A post has not gone up in over a month, and many have claimed the site to be defunct. Therefore, we, as the cordial chainsmokers, have decided to highjack the site and turn it into our own blog. First, we thought about changing the site to a Tumblr blog account (like our favorite Purple Diary),  but we decided that janky-ass blogspot is more symbolic of us as a whole. 

We have a twitter and like to update it, but, honestly, we really think twitter is one of those things that everyone's on, but nobody gives a shit to actually read. Plus, we, as the cordial chainsmokers, are men of many words (well, at least more than 140 characters). So, we now give you a changed A Coterie. Think of it more as "Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition" or "True Life: I created a blog that was working, but then went to shit, and now it should work again." Enjoy.

Puff Puff,

Les Chainsmokers