27 February 2009


What: A private showcase hosted last night by Rochambeau, featuring art by Victor Demarchelier, Alexandra Richards, Matthew Rowean, and Alexander Noe.

Photographs by BD.

Danko Steiner and Grace Coddington of Vogue Magazine.

Artist Terence Koh.

dj Pall Mall of the Chainsmokers. Cooper of Rochambeau.

Patrick Demarchelier. Grace. Mia Demarchelier.

25 February 2009

The Low Down.

A Coterie is co-hosting Saturday night at the Annex, where the Chainsmokers will be spinning and BD will be snapping. Come to work it out and break it down, then check back here on Monday to see yourself in action.

Interested in joining the fun? Send an email to rsvp.coterie@gmail.com.

-A Coterie.

22 February 2009

Tribeca Trouble.

A Coterie co-hosted Saturday night at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, and all of the troublemakers were there. The Chainsmokers let loose, the crowd moved to Mr. English, and BD took all the shots. See what you missed if you didn't make it.

-A Coterie.

Photographs by BD.
Edited by A.

And much more...

19 February 2009

At the Grand.

The Low Down: The Coterie is co-hosting a party this Saturday at the Tribeca Grand. Check back on Sunday for pictures by BD.

Interested in joining us? Send an email to rsvp.coterie@gmail.com. 

-The Coterie.

17 February 2009

Round Out. Round Down.

The three day fete at Le Baron, hosted by Andre and Belvedere IX, ended this weekend. We're picking up the faces now as the sun begins to shine. See if you made it into The Coterie.

Spot yourself. Tag yourself in comments.
Spot a friend. Tag a friend in comments.

Have something for us to cover or would like to use an image? Contact us at une.coterie@gmail.com.

-The Coterie.

Photographs by BD.

Edited by A.

Lissy Trullie. Cory Kennedy.


Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine.

Mark Ronson. Samantha Ronson.

Marissa Cortes of Moet Hennessy. Erika Albies of Miu Miu. Lauren Goodman.


Oliver Stumm, Owner of Cafe Select and Touch of Class DJ.


La Fin.

dj A-Trak. Asleep.
And much more...