31 March 2009

Steve Aoki + The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers are spinning with Steve Aoki this Wednesday night at Mr. West. Open tequila bar from 10-11 pm. No Cover. Believe it.

RSVP: rsvp.coterie@gmail.com

Flier by William Fritz deFries II.

30 March 2009


What: Antik last Thursday night.
Photographs by BD.

27 March 2009


DJs: Paul Ryder of Happy Mondays & The Chainsmokers (Alex Pall & Rhett Bixler) & MSB MSB MSB
Location: Le Royale (Leroy and 7th Ave).

Doors open at 9 pm.

26 March 2009

Weekend Workout.

The Chainsmokers hit all the right spots last weekend: Le Royale, the Cut Copy show, and the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Jaws, Scooby Doo, Dumbo, and crew joined them for a drink and a dance and a song and a smoke. Enjoy.

Photographs by BD.

And much more...

25 March 2009

Weekend Workout Preview.

Check back later for more.

Photographs by BD.

Jaws. Scooby Doo. (aka The Chainsmokers).



18 March 2009

The Low Down.

A Coterie is co-hosting this Saturday night at the Tribeca Grand. The 
Chainsmokers, fresh from the Cut Copy show, will be spinning and BD will be recording all the debauchery.  

Interested in joining the fun? Send an email to rsvp.coterie@gmail.com.

-A Coterie.

16 March 2009


What: Antik on Thursday night, where the chainsmoking kids crashed a poor guy's birthday party, unplugging the iPod and taking their own turn on the tables. A weekly appearance is in the works. More on that soon...

Photographs by BD.

12 March 2009


What: The back room at Cafe Select on Wednesday night, where hosts Nick Gavin and dj Pall Mall gathered with friends for their mid-week rendezvous.

Photographs by BD.

The Chainsmokers.

Art Logged.

Photographs by BD.


dj Pall Mall of The Chainsmokers.

Host Terry Casey, owner of Le Royale.

La Fin.

And much more...