08 February 2009

Smokes. Blokes. And Other Folks.

The Chainsmokers showed up at midnight with their torn Twister mats, stick-on 'staches and homemade unibrows, megaphones, Mr. G and Ja'mie King, wicked mosh-ups, mash-ups, and mock-ups, smokes, smokes, and, as it goes, more smokes.

The crowd swelled beyond capacity and the front door shut down. We were lucky enough to be shut in. As for those shut out…this was Friday night at Le Royale.

- The Coterie

Photographs by BD.
Edited by A.

Rose. Homme 1. Joe. Love 1.

dj Ciga-Rhett of the Chainsmokers.

dj Pall Mall of the Chainsmokers.

Homme 2.

Love 2.

Homme 3. Love 3. Love 4.

More Gals and Pals.

dj MSB.

dj Ciga-Rhett of the Chainsmokers. KK.

Amsterdam models. Homme 4.

dj Pall Mall of the Chainsmokers.

Steven. Erika.


Pete. Gabe.


Love 5. Homme 5. Homme 6.

Love 6. Love 7. Love 8. Liam.

Jani. Kristen.

Homme 7. Love 11. Love 12.

Homme 8. Love 13.

Sarah. Homme 9. Love 14. Justin.

Love 15. Love 16.

Lee. Goose. Steven.

Love 17. Homme 10.

Rose. Bear. Joe. Unibrow.

dj Pall Mall of the Chainsmokers. KK.

Love 18. Sarah. Alex.

Love 19. Love 20. Cooke.

Love 21. Love 22.

Loves. Hommes.

Suze. Homme 12.

Erika. Unibrow.

Reed. Rose. Goose.

Joe. Justine. Erika. Steven.

Love 23. Love 24. Love 25. Love 26.


Flynne. Liam.

Nicole. Dan.
'staches. Patches.

dj Ciga-Rhett of the Chainsmokers.





Homme 14.

Love 27.

Dan. Love 28.


Love 29. Homme 15.

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La Fin.

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  1. Had the most fun, and best music ive danced to. TY!! -jl

  2. Can somebody get me Love #4's number...I will marry her.

    And fin is feminine. definite articles dudes.

  3. I'll marry the amsterdam models. I had fun...

  4. changes made. merci anonymous. tag the pics.

  5. wow i've been tagged. a++++++ party, would attend again

  6. hahah well if i dont make my career as a party planner and dj I would be a great white rapper... next party coming soon and ya'll are going to love the destination!!

  7. Love 9 - Jani Taljaard
    Love 10 - Kristen Wrobel

  8. Homme 13-Ashwin Deshmukh

    thought he was dead, guess not

  9. homme 2 + homme 4= jake